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PV Carbine 12 gram CO2

PV CQB 12 gram CO2

PV Carbine 13 ci tank

PV CQB 13 ci tank

The OMEGA V2 Airsoft rifle combines high performance, versatility, consistency and speed while allowing players to ditch the air hose traditional HPA guns are strapped to.

Featuring smooth crisp trigger action, variable air setup adaptability and flip-up front and rear sights. This is one of the most silent airsoft rifles on the market to date powered by the outstanding Tippmann Electro-Pneumatic Technology. The OMEGA V2 brings you the best technology that you know from high level paintball into airsoft.

If you want high performance, adjustability and shot consistency this is it!


  • Electro-Pneumatic Airsoft Rifle (paintball tournament level technology).
  • Full-Auto and semi-auto mode
  • Rate of Fire (ROF) adjustment. Preset ROF: 10, 15, 25 rounds per second
  • Internal regulator to adjust velocity. No need for secondary regulator
  • Max velocities up to 450-480 fps
  • Up to 1500 rounds on a 13 ci tank
    • 13 ci HPA Tank mounted with air-thru stock
    • M Lok aluminum rail system provides multiple accessory options
    • Metal upper and lower receiver
    • Crisp electronic trigger pull, runs on standard 9-volt battery (Not included in box)


Main improvements on V2 are:

✓ Rotary Hop-up
✓ New Bolt and Bolt Tip
✓ Air Chamber
✓ Adjustable Dwell
✓ Magwell


Item No Description Caliber Tank Size Color
94475 PV Carbine 12 gram CO2 .6MM 12 gram Black
94476 PV CQB 12 gram CO2 .6MM 12 gram Black
94487 PV Carbine 13 ci CO2 .6MM 13 ci Black
94488 PV CQB 13 ci CO2 .6MM 13 ci Black